Guru Handloom

Textured Soft Handloom Bold Burgundy Shirt

Rs. 3,500

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Relaxed fit mandarin collared shirt made of a soft-washed handloom fabric. Shirt has short sleeves & button-up front. Buttons have been carved out of coconut shell thereby depicting a circular economy. This style is accentuated by embroidered image of "Dove" bird which is essentially depicting peace & harmonious living. Explore more here:


* This product is made from handlooms which is manually made n hence no electrical or polluting energy is used in manufacture of this fabric. We can proudly say that this is a 'green fabric' as it is made without polluting the environment

* Buttons used are derived from coconut shell or are natural pearl buttons. No chemicals use in manufacture of the buttons

* Tag used in our product is plantable because it contains seed of the plant. Its not paper. When you buy a shirt you can plant a tree :)

* String used to fasten product tag is made from jute N therefore natural

* Shirt cover is 100% compostable so no danger to the environment

* All of above features make out product uniquely sustainable & environmetal friendly. Buying this product support handloom weavers & their families & therefore supports the rich tradition of hand woven fabric. Your purchase directly helps a great social cause :)


Handloom Fabrics made manually by Handloom weavers of India. Imperfections & variations in the fabric texture including slubs, broken yarns & knots are intrinsic to the fabric & unique feature of handlooms & cannot be treated as defects. This makes each product unique in itself.

Colour seen in the image may vary from the actual product due to different resolutions of various devices. Since the handloom fabric is manually made, there could be inconsistencies in colour which should be anticipated as normal & not as a defect. Since block printed designs are done manually, there may be inconsistencies in colour & print and cannot be treated as defects. Trim colour on the inside of the collar & inside of the cuff may change in the actual product.

Gentle wash by machine or hand-wash in cold water. Do not soak. Avoid strong detergents. Wash separately as dark colours may bleed in the initial washes. Line dry inside out & away from direct sunlight.

* Dispatched within 2 weeks
* No returns or exchange accepted on this product due to complex supply chain
* No cancellation of orders once placed
* These handloom products are laboriously made by hand and therefore no electricity or polluting energy is used in their manufacturing. Made without polluting the environment , it is indeed a ‘green fabric’ in true sense.
* Buttons used in the product are either derived from coconut shells or are natural pearl buttons. No chemicals are used in manufacturing of buttons.
* Tag attached to the product is made of plantable seed paper that has real seeds inside. When you buy a Guru product, you can plant a tree.
* String used to fasten product tags is made from jute fiber and therefore 100% natural.
* Shirt cover is made of 100% compostable material and is safe for the environment.
* All of the above features make our products uniquely sustainable & environmentally friendly. Buying this product supports not only the handloom weavers & their families but also supports the rich tradition of hand woven fabric. Your purchase directly helps a great social cause.